The Monads

    Back when I was an undergraduate at WWU, I was in a 'philosophy band' called the Monads.  I played a little guitar and did a good chunk of the singing.  The other Monads were Shawn Larsen-Bright, who graduated from the NYU law school and is now a successful lawyer, and Justin Klocksiem, who got his Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Justin is now a professor at the University of Alabama.  Shawn and I cowrote all the songs.  Justin contributed some guitar licks, e.g., the guitar solo in "The Missing Shade of Blues."   These songs are wholly original; they are not "Weird Al" versions of other people's songs.  I still think that some of the songs are pretty cool, which shows that I am either vain or a big nerd.  Anyways, the music is currently hosted by Kevin Klement here.  Just scroll down. 

The 21st Century Monads

Recently, I decided that it was time that I instantiate some Monadic properties once more.  To this end, I formed a band with Carrie Jenkins and my colleague Ben Bradley.  We are the 21st Century Monads.  We just finished our first album of songs, The New Monadology.  You can listen to the whole album here. 

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